CBD gummies are one of 502 Hemp’s most popular CBD products (besides our tasty CBD oil).

But, what are CBD Gummies Good For?

  1. CBD in a chewable. Inflammation? Sleep issues? These are just a few issues CBD may help and CBD gummies are one way to get your CBD dose.
  2. Taste.  CBD Gummies can sweeten the benefits of CBD oil.  For kids and adults!
  3. Options.  CBD Gummies are available with full-spectrum CBD and THC-free CBD.  THC-free may help those concerned with drug testing.  Full-spectrum CBD may cover more health and wellness issues fully.
  4. On the go! CBD gummies travel well.  Please keep in their original package and keep away from heat exposure and direct sunlight.
  5. Everyone! When CBD is created with quality and VEGAN ingredients, everyone can enjoy them without the worry over what is being ingested.

502 Hemp takes our CBD Gummies (aka Hemp Gummies) beyond good taste.  Natural ingredients are a must with 3rd party tested CBD oil.  Taste our full spectrum CBD gummies for yourself.