As we delve into the heart of the historical journey behind the intriguing ‘4/20’ term, its significance in cannabis culture simply cannot be downplayed. First coined by a bunch of high school students in San Rafael, California in 1971, the term ‘4:20’ had an interesting initiation, routed in a whimsical treasure hunt for an abandoned cannabis crop, guided by a map that was allegedly drawn by its original cultivator.

While the treasure was never found, the teens did find something else – a catchphrase that would forever weave itself into marijuana history. They started using the term “4:20” to refer to their quest for the cannabis crop after school, which promptly ended each day at exactly the same time: 4:20 p.m.

Fast forward to the present day, and the term ‘4/20’ has evolved to signify much more than a time slot. It has transformed into a global phenomenon, a universal code for marijuana consumption, and a day to celebrate the delights and benefits of cannabis every year on April 20th. The term has even found its way into mainstream media, music, and literature, further solidifying its cultural relevance.

But beyond the veil of celebration and merriment, ‘4/20’ also serves as a stark reminder of the struggles that the cannabis industry has had to endure, from years of criminalization and stigmatization to the fight for legalization and recognition of its medicinal properties. As we join in the celebrations, we also advocate for the continued advancements in research, understanding, and acceptance of cannabis on a global scale.

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So, as we celebrate this year’s 4/20, let’s remember the journey that got us here. Let’s continue pushing for progress, while indulging in the natural possible benefits of cannabis responsibly. Happy 4/20 from us at 502 Hemp!

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