CBD oil is the new buzz word.  However, our customers at 502 Hemp ask a lot of questions.  We love that! Two consistent questions come up: What is the difference between CBD oil- THC free and full spectrum hemp extract oil? Will I fail a drug test with full-spectrum hemp extract oil?  Both questions can be tackled in one answer.

Difference Between Full Spectrum and THC Free CBD

True CBD oil (only) is made from an isolate and comes from only one compound of the plant, which means THC free.  THC is the compound of the hemp plant traditionally screened for in drug tests and if used in an abundance can produce a “high effect”. CBD oil that is THC free may be the best option if drug tests are a concern. An individual may still benefit from an array of medicinal CBD benefits without the worry.  

Our full-spectrum hemp extract oil has all the compounds of the plant, including THC.  Our high-quality full-spectrum oil is well below the federal guidelines of 0.3% so you will not feel high from these products, but you may possibly fail a drug test.  Over time, THC can build up in your system as your body uses this compound in its daily cell building activity. If only one compound is used, our bodies may not be getting everything it needs. This is an important consideration when choosing which oil is best for you.

At 502 Hemp, we would be pleased to help you find the right health and wellness product for you.  In-store or online, feel free to contact us with your questions.