CBD for pain management may be an effective natural solution.  For some, it seems problematic due to CBD/Hemp having a drug classification. Plus, there is little understanding of how hemp interacts with our bodies.  Take this quick explanation to help debunk CBD myths.  Plus, be empowered by simple terms to help you understand how CBD could help you with pain.

How it Works

Our bodies come fitted with a network of cannabinoid receptors eloquently combined.  This is known as the endocannabinoid system. This network is spread out all over our body and in the brain and accepts phytocannabinoids (plant-derived) as its own body manufactured endocannabinoid. When ingested and absorbed into the bloodstream, CBD travels to find the receptors and actively block pain.

Does it Work?

FDA has not approved CBD as a pain killer or medicine.  However, science may support CBD as a possible natural option.  Additionally, the anecdotal evidence in reviews and stories show how CBD for pain management may be helping others.

Hemp and CBD products for pain can be ingested or used topically.  CBD topicals could help with pain, learn how to use them in our CBD education center. It is crucial when considering CBD for pain management to have quality products with knowledgeable staff.  Contact 502 Hemp or speak with a staff member to learn about our CBD products and get a personalized CBD consultation.