It always stinks when you find a product that you like, but then the company is no longer making it or they have changed ingredients and it just isn’t the same. That has happened with some of the brands/products at 502 Hemp.

But the good news?

We have our own products to replace them.

What’s New in CBD Products

  • Our CBD Balms. Our new balms are replacing the salves that have been a staple in the topical wellness wheelhouse for many of our 502 Hemp family. We were super bummed too when the other company changed their supplier, which changed the ingredients. Hemp root is could be healing and may contain a lot of incredible properties so we decided to have our own line!

Out, Autumn Harvest.  In, Enlightened.

Out, Original. In, Focused

Out, Spring Mist. In, Clarity.

We have also increased the milligram of hemp extract in each scent, now called Clinical Strength. We have also kept the same milligram and price point that you all have grown to love in Regular Strength.

So there are more choices at different price points.

  • New CBD lotion! Unfortunately, our previous lotions makers are out of business, but we found another local lotion maker that is making our new CBD lotions. We have them in 4 scents, Cherry Almond, Citrus, Unscented and Lavender.  Due to the supply chain on pumps and packages, these lotions are in jars (for now), 5.5oz and 9oz. Non-greasy and perfect for skin issues and right out of the shower use. The scents are amazing and we think you will love them too!
  • CBD bath bombs scents! Wild Rose, Honeysuckle and Gardenia.
  • Two new scents to our CBD soap, Wild Rose and Gardenia.
  • New CBD Inhalers. Vapen is no longer making their inhalers.  So we searched and found Koi Inhalers! Not only does their reputation precede them, but they also use hemp extract from Kentucky!! Koi Inhalers come in 2 flavors, Vanilla Orangesicle and Mint Mojito.  They totally fit in with our flavor palette.
  • Koi CBD Roll-on will be replacing CBD Living Freeze. It is higher in milligrams and again, their extract comes from Kentucky!
  • Broad Spectrum CBD Oil. Our Broad Spectrum CBD oil will be replacing Extract Wellness’ THC Free Oil. Broad Spectrum contains more of the cannabinoids and the THC is undetected in lab reports.  Having more cannabinoids is better overall for our system. Plus, we have better flavors.
  • 502 Hemp CBD Dabz
  • 502 Hemp CBD isolate
  • 502 Hemp 3000mg Clinical Strength in Orange Dreamsicle
  • 502 Hemp Pet CBD Balm
  • 502 Hemp cookies welcome the newest flavor! Double Chocolate Chunk CBD Cookie
  • 502 Hemp CBD Chocolate Caramels.

We will no longer be carrying Charlie Nobel Vape cartridges.  We will have replacements soon but haven’t decided which ones we are going to add to our inventory.  We still have HoneyBee in stock.

Kentucky’s Best Hemp will be replacing the Extract Wellness brand. Kentucky’s Best has the exact same flavors as Extract Wellness and are available in 1 ounce or 2-ounce bottles.  The same quality CBD oil is used in Kentucky’s Best Hemp that was used in the Extract Wellness brand.

502 Hemp strives to keep up to date on new products and only carry quality items as well. If we no longer carry a product, there is usually a reason why. It’s not just due to low sales, it could be due to the quality change. We will always look out for our customer’s best interests.  If you have any questions, we are always here to help you find the best product for your needs!