To educate and provide quality, reliable CBD and hemp derived products and services at affordable pricing to our community and beyond.

502 Hemp Story

Hi, I am DeeDee, founder & CEO. I got into this business out of medical necessity. My husband, John, suffers from Grand Mal seizures. In 2010 this was at its height for him and he had one of his most debilitating episodes. This was a horrific experience for both of us. The pharmaceutical drugs were not working, and the side effects were horrible. I urged my husband…

Our Motto: Quality, Integrity, and Knowledge Matter

Quality, integrity, and knowledge matter when buying CBD products. We are your direct source for high quality pharmaceutical grade CBD, hemp extract products, and education. Most of our products are grown, sown, and extracted by small farms a…

Certificates of Analysis

Our Products are tested by an independent 3rd party laboratory to ensure quality and accuracy. Many CBD companies do not provide the milligrams they advertise on the bottle. We make sure that what we advertise is what we deliver. Our products are federally compliant and below 0.3% Delta 9-THC.

Signature Boutique Flavors

Most people who stop taking CBD say they do so because they do not like the taste. It is true that the natural flavor of hemp can be unappealing to some. This means they must sacrifice receiving the potential benefits CBD may offer. This is what inspired our signature boutique flavored oils. These all-natural tinctures are offered in a…

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