502 Hemp Educators

Dee Dee


Dee Dee started 502 Hemp to educate and support her community with Kentucky hemp products. Her high standard with compassion has been noticed by communities and organizations with various awards. She continues to grow and partners with local companies to cultivate a wellness atmosphere. Learn the full story of 502 Hemp and Dee Dee Taylor.


Certified Cannabis Consultant & Store Manager

A Louisville native, Beth became involved with 502 Hemp through a mutual friend.  With a particular passion for holistic health and years of experience as an R.N., working with 502 Hemp is a natural fit.  Beth enjoys educating customers and thoughtfully answering their questions.  Her favorite is when customers come back and share their stories.  Beth has two dogs who are part of the 502 Hemp family too. Beth recently completed an online program with the University of Boulder to become the first 502 Certified Cannabis Consultant. 


CBD Educator

Jodi became part of the 502 Hemp family when she met Dee Dee at the gym a few years ago. Then she started taking Dee Dee’s products. When the doors opened at 502 Hemp, Jodi became the first 502 Hemp staff member. Since then she’s been helping and educating customers on all of the products and potential uses. She loves to meet new people and educate them on CBD. Jodi is a huge baseball fan and is a true Louisville native. Her pup is also part of the 502 Hemp family as well. 


Certified Cannabis Consultant & Store Lead for 812 Hemp

Jared is an avid connoisseur of all things cannabis. He first became involved with 502/812 Hemp after conducting an interview with Dee Dee discussing the legality and direction of hemp derivatives in Kentucky. In his free time he contributes to Riotheart Media with news coverage and education on a number of topics in relation to public safety and community building. He particularly loves discussing various aspects and applications of medicinal cannabis as well as equitable legalization. Jared was also recently promoted to our Store Lead at 812 Hemp. 


CBD Educator & Store Lead

Danielle is a native to Louisville. She has an 8 year old little girl named Kali Sky who brings her a lot of joy. During her free time she loves to hang out with Kali outdoors hiking, painting and playing guitar. Danielle has always enjoyed cannabis products and loves expanding her knowledge about the industry and learning more about new products that 502 Hemp offers. She enjoys sharing that knowledge with customers and finds it rewarding to know how much she is helping others feel better with cannabis. She is proud to be part of the team.


CBD Educator
Growing up in Bloomington Indiana, Doug entered into Ministry after college. Now, semi-retired, he still preaches on the weekends and works at the 812 store, and proudly supports the medicinal benefits of hemp products. He enjoys meeting new people and providing guidance on the choice of the right products for your health needs. He paints impressionistic landscapes, and enjoys golf besides being a husband, father, and grandfather. Find his art at https://e12b1e-2.myshopify.com


CBD Educator
Laura Lambaren was born in Ann Arbor MI and raised in Boston MA. She went to Elon college where she got a teaching degree and was a preschool teacher for 25 yrs prior to coming to work for 502 Hemp. She has 3 children that were raised here in Louisville. She loves to foster dogs and spends her free time crocheting. She loves working at 502 Hemp because she gets to help people fell better.


CBD Educator

Daniel was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He is very well versed in THC & CBD products as he worked for years as a manager of a cannabis dispensary in Maine. He is very passionate about helping people and teaching people the benefits of hemp products. He loves to watch and talk sports. He has 2 children. Macie is 9 & Tate is 4. They love their daddy. Daniel is inspired working at 502 Hemp and loves the caring atmosphere.


CBD Educator

Wilson is a Louisville native, who recently moved back from Tampa, Florida where he worked on a commercial cannabis farm. As a cultivator and medical cannabis patient himself, he learned the many different ways that cannabis can provide relief in our lives. He is currently pursuing a degree at Beal University for Medicinal Plant Sciences, where he hopes to use his knowledge and experience in the industry to continue helping others learn about the benefits that cannabis products have to offer. Aside from being a student, Wilson spends his free time outdoors with his two dogs, Yogi and Clifford.