On it’s own, CBD oil has a taste best described as earthy or grassy. However, if that’s an undesired taste of CBD for you, 502 Hemp has a variety of tasty flavor options for you.

Does adding flavors affect CBD?

Using the right flavorings, no, CBD is not affected. CBD oil flavored with natural ingredients may enhance your CBD experience.

  • You may enjoy the sublingual or taste experience.
  • You may be more consistent when taking CBD because of the enjoyable taste.

CBD Oil flavors you can find at 502 Hemp

Vanilla Latte

Orange Dreamsicle

Pink Lemonade

Wild Berry

Mint Vanilla





Mint Julep

See a CBD flavor you like?

Stop in 502 Hemp La Grange or 502 Hemp in Louisville to taste our amazing CBD oils plus our store online. Taste so good, you will want to take your CBD oil.