CBD oil is legal to purchase in most states, but not in all of them. The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill made hemp-derived CBD federally legal if products are below 0.3% THC. On the other hand, the bill made CBD products that are derived from marijuana or above 0.3% THC federally illegal. But similar to marijuana, some states ignore federal law and may allow higher THC products to be sold. There are also a few states who have outlawed hemp products altogether, making things more complicated than they should be. So we have put together this guide to help you navigate these differences with some considerations to make. 

In What states is CBD Oil Not Legal to Purchase? 

There are a couple of states that have outlawed the sales of hemp products, in which CBD oil would not be legal to purchase or have strict stipulations. In many states, selling CBD infused food and beverage products is prohibited. Some state’s rules get randomly specific, such as the Vermont Department of Agriculture’s ruling on the rules of selling maple syrup with CBD added to it… So be sure to keep up with the nuances in your state to make sure you are following the laws!

Is CBD Oil Legal? The Differences State-To-State 

Since some states allow the sale of CBD products with higher THC levels, it is important to know the legal THC limit in each state you purchase from. If you purchase a product in a state that allows a 0.9% THC level, and you leave the state, it would be federally illegal and potentially illegal on a state level wherever you are going. If you are a frequent flyer, we would recommend purchasing products that are below the legal limit of 0.3% THC and avoiding bringing it to states where CBD is illegal. 

Is CBD Oil Legal in Kentucky? 

In Kentucky, we are only approved for hemp products being below 0.3% in THC. But this means any federally compliant CBD product is legal here! At 502 Hemp, all of our products are federally compliant and third-party tested, so you can focus on wellness while we take care of the legalities. You can find a variety of federally legal CBD oils and hemp products in our online store. We also carry a variety of THC-free CBD oils and other THC-free products for those concerned with trace amounts of THC in full-spectrum products. 

So remember, while they might be federally legal, be sure to check if hemp products and CBD oil is legal to purchase in your state. If you’re traveling and plan to bring or purchase CBD, check the laws to make sure you are following them. Being informed as a CBD user is important. 502 Hemp is here for all of our customers and helps navigate through the industry’s rules and regulations. 502 Hemp is always available for consultations and will help in any way.