Does CBD Make Hand Sanitizer Better?

Why is there now a sudden rise of CBD hand sanitizer? Does CBD make hand sanitizer better?

No. It doesn’t. While CBD may have some anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, it does not provide any anti-viral protection.  Alcohol is the virus killing compound in hand sanitizer.  Once the alcohol dries, and there is now CBD left on the skin, does this help provide further protection?  No one truly knows that answer, because there is NO research to support this as fact.

According to Dr. Ryan McKinnie, Chief Scientific Officer from Commonwealth Extracts, “There is no medically relevant reason to add CBD to hand sanitizer during this crisis. The CBD would still absorb through the skin but would offer no medical benefit that a salve or lotion wouldn’t offer. Also according to current FDA and TTB regulations manufacturers of hand sanitizer during the crisis are limited to pre-approved FDA monographs and TTB formulations that existed prior to the pandemic. None of those include CBD or any other hemp-derived product. At Commonwealth, we just received a TTB license to possess large volumes of denatured ethanol in order to manufacture large volumes of sanitizer. As part of that licensing process, we had to provide a company statement saying that no hemp-derived products would be included in the sanitizer formulation. So anyone currently adding CBD to hand sanitizer is in violation of both FDA as well as TTB regulations and if those products are reported to either of those government agencies then they would have to be pulled from the shelves and the manufacturer would likely be under federal investigation.”  Compounders Hand Sanitizers COVID 19 Revised Guidance (3.27.2020)_

John Taylor, CEO of Commonwealth Extracts, stated that they are making hand sanitizer to help. “We thought we had a moral responsibility to do anything we could to help. So in addition to manufacturing CBD, which our clients simply cannot run out of, we have diverted most of our available production crew to the manufacturing of bulk hand sanitizer. This product does not contain CBD and is being shipped to municipal governments, first responders, nursing homes, homeless shelters, and anyone else that has an immediate need. It’s not about grandstanding, it’s always been about helping people. It is my opinion that anyone making hand sanitizer with CBD in an attempt to publicize their brand during this health crisis should be ashamed.  It’s one thing to do it long before the pandemic, as we all know CBD is in everything from shampoo to dog food. Some even say that CBD will become as common as salt in the food supply. However, to do it while there is a national health crisis is morally irresponsible.”

502 Hemp cares and we want our customers to be educated. If you have any questions, we are here to help as always.  Integrity matters, now more than ever.