There is a lot of confusion about the differences between hemp seed oil and hemp extract oil, with many folks wondering if they are the same thing. In short, they are not, and here are the differences you need to know. Here is 502 Hemp’s guide to Hemp Seed Oil vs Hemp Extract Oil. 

What is Hemp Seed Oil? 

In conjunction with its name, hemp seed oil is simply made from the seeds of a hemp plant. The seeds are removed from the plant, deshelled, and then cold-pressed to produce hemp seed oil. Hemp seeds do not contain the medicinal cannabinoids that are in CBD products, such as cannabidiol (CBD). While hemp seed oil does not have the potential benefits of CBD oil, it is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids that are a healthy alternative to other cooking oils. You will commonly see hemp seed oil used in alternative cosmetics and food products, and some companies may use hemp seed oil as a carrier oil for their CBD. At 502 hemp, our CBD oils do not use hemp seed oil as a carrier oil due to its low shelf life and lack of CBD. 

What is Hemp Extract Oil? 

So we just learned hemp seed oil does not contain CBD or the other cannabinoids that are found in CBD and hemp products. Hemp extract oil, however, is made from the whole hemp plant (not just the seeds) and does contain CBD and the remaining cannabinoids. The process of making hemp extract oil uses a more complex extraction method, again with the whole hemp plant, and results in a cannabinoid-rich solution that CBD oils and hemp products are made from. The resulting solution (or crude) from the hemp plant extraction is then distilled to make products like 502 Hemp Full-Spectrum CBD Oil and more. 

Are Our Products Made From Hemp Extract Oil or Hemp Seed Oil?  

At 502 Hemp, we do not use hemp seed oil in our full spectrum or THC-free CBD oils. As mentioned, hemp seed oil does not contain CBD or the other important cannabinoids that our products contain. We strictly offer hemp extract oils, which come in a variety of flavors and strengths. Since we don’t cut corners, our products are made with a complex supercritical extraction method and only contain carrier oils with a high shelf life. Our products are third-party tested, so you know they are the real deal, and are locally sourced here in Kentucky. For more information on hemp extract oils, please refer to our blog or visit our online store.