THC Free Products

If you’re a fan of CBD but can’t take the risk of failing a drug test or do not wish to have any of the effects associated with THC, then 502 Hemp THC Free CBD Products are for you. Available with the same high standard 502 Hemp quality and in a variety of flavors and applications. Also available in two distinct forms, Broad Spectrum and THC Free.

Our Broad Spectrum CBD is made painstakingly by our extraction facility using the same method as our Full Spectrum and filtering out the THC cannabinoid. The end product is a complete CBD profile with non-detectable amounts of THC. This means that any remaining THC molecules would be so low they could not be detected in a laboratory test.

Our THC Free blend is extracted using the same methods and standards as our other blends but with one additional step. With this product, the CBD molecules are broken down and isolated. With this additional step, 100% of ay THC is removed.