Healthy quarantine CBD food has got your back.  Nutrient-dense foods help to satisfy and work towards an optimized metabolism.  Additionally, these types of foods support your physical mobility and endurance.  It’s not just about your physical self, foods high in nutrients can help your head game which boosts those necessary ‘happy chemicals.’

How do you know what is nutrient-dense? You’re looking for a variety of vitamins and minerals at least 15 to 20% of the good stuff.  Furthermore, this variety supplies the multiple antioxidants you need.  Certainly, protein is needed. However, caution on too much or too little.  Fad promotes certain protein foods that are too high or some that are actually too little.  Calculate what protein you need easily with a protein calculator.  Don’t forget the carbs.  Healthy carbs that are rich in fiber and multi-grains.  Ditch the processed and go whole, plant-based as much as possible.  CBD and hemp products can be nutrient-dense or enhance foods packed with nutrients.

How you benefit from healthy quarantine CBD food

Food infused with hemp or CBD may benefit you in multiple ways.  High-quality hemp protein provides nutritional punch and protein.  It’s the total package with it comes to wellness.  Protein is needed, plant-based protein is better.  Plus, plant-based proteins can provide more naturally derived nutrition and higher fiber.  Hemp protein doesn’t require added nutrition because it’s already there.   Another plant-based hemp food with needed nutrients is hulled hemp hearts.  Both hemp protein and hemp hulled hearts have evidence-based and proven health benefits.

Another hemp or rather a CBD product that may benefit your endeavor to eat healthier is CBD infused honey.  Raw honey is antibacterial and local honey can help boost immune fighters for seasonal allergies.  Honey is an excellent substitute for sugars in baking, dressings, or even DIY facial masks.  We have a more comprehensive list of What is CBD Honey Good For.

Protein shakes could use more than protein powder, CBD isolate potentially amazing for shakes and juices.  CBD isolate can help enhance stamina and endurance for workouts or at work.  We have five ways you can use CBD isolate.

Certainly, if you are in a baking mood you can keep to your wellness goals.  Our CBD infused bread recipe combines healthy fibers with nutrient-dense recipes. Plus, our Kentucky flavored relief CBD oil can aid in bringing our body’s process back into balance.

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