Quarantine 15 and CBD oil, you may wonder how these are related. Some of us have experienced the trend of the extra pounds during COVID quarantine.  It may be expected as limited mobility and access to nutritious foods could be limited.  Stress is a factor as well. As we adapt our wellness routines with home workouts and quarantine health food trends, we might need some extra help. CBD oil or CBD products may provide that extra boost to get back to our healthy routines. Possibly, dropping those quarantine 15 too.

Quarantine 15: CBD and Stress

CBD could help your diet in several ways.  However, shedding the quarantine 15 is more than your diet.  Stress could be contributing factors based on reports and studies surrounding wellness with COVID.

Stress, depression, or chronic frustration are known as possible contributors to weight gain and difficulty losing weight.  Weight management is complex; however, this link between stress and weight management exists due to one hormone- cortisol.  When you sustain stress in any form it keeps cortisol levels up which prevents a host of need biological process from being optimal.  This includes your metabolism.  High cortisol levels may add to inflammation to boot.  Either way, cortisol levels are only helpful in short bursts. This could be a factor in the gain of the quarantine 15.  Stress levels are at an all-time high.  It doesn’t need to stay that way.  Healthy lifestyle habits like high anti-oxidant foods and exercise can improve those happy chemical levels and lower cortisol levels.

CBD can do this too.  The cannabidiol in CBD oils or edibles can plug into your endocannabinoid system which may increase the hormones you need and better regulate ones that need to be short term, like cortisol.

A daily CBD routine could aid in reaching your wellness goals. CBD oils that are taken daily usually work best.  They may help reduce your stress further with better sleep too. The benefit is mutual as stress can impact sleep and sleep impacts your ability to manage stress.  If CBD oil is not what you’re looking for, full-spectrum CBD gummies could be an option.

When choosing any CBD product be sure it’s high quality to ensure your best success.  CBD products should follow certain industry standards and know where their product comes from.  Knowledgeable staff is extremely beneficial to you.  You need to be able to get honest answers about the company and how to best use CBD.