CBD Edibles can make your CBD dose much sweeter or make an easy CBD boost to your day.   Honey with CBD combines the best of nature. CBD may help with health issues such as pain, sleep, focus, plus more. Honey has antibacterial properties and may help with allergies. These two are the perfect pair! What is CBD honey good for? Lots!

CBD Honey and Peanut Butter ‘Dillas


  • 1 tsp of CBD Honey
  • 2 tbsp of Peanut Butter, Nut Butter, or Sunflower Butter
  • 2 Whole grain or multigrain tortillas
  • Cooking spray or cooking oil (1/2 tbsp of oil)

Make It

  1. Spread Peanut Butter (or alternative) on one side of one tortilla. Leave 1/2 an inch of the tortilla not covered.
  2. Spread CBD Honey on top of the Peanut Butter.
  3. Place the second tortilla on top of the peanut butter and CBD honey.
  4. Warm a skillet with lightly applied cooking spray or cooking oil.
  5. Place one side of the peanut butter & CBD honey ‘dilla in the skillet.  Cook until light brown.
  6. Flip the ‘dilla and brown on the other side.
  7. Remove peanut butter & CBD honey ‘dilla from heat once both sides are brown.

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