CBD isolate is a concentrated dose of hemp extract that offers flexibility in its use.  It can be a great alternative in place of CBD oils.  CBD isolate could be an easy extra dose too!

 How to Use

  1. Bake it

    • This hemp extract edible can be used in baked goods like bread, pizza crust, etc.  CBD isolate does absorb better in the intestine with a small about of fatty acid like coconut oil or olive oil.  In extreme heat, CBD can break down.  We suggest keeping temperatures in the cooking process of any kind at 350 degrees or lower.  When baking with CBD isolate and calculating how much to use, know the number of servings.  Baking brownies? Probably nine to twelve servings.  One of your typical CBD isolate dose per serving.  Those brownies need nine or twelve scoops of your CBD isolate dose mixed in the batter or food.
  2. Drink it

    • CBD mixes easily in shakes, coffee, or any liquid.
  3. Mix in food for picky eaters

    • This product may be ideal for picky eaters.  It can foods such as applesauce. We recommend a serving size of a favorite food that will be eaten entirely in one sitting. This is an excellent option for children for an easy dose of CBD.  CBD may be given to children. “Can you give your kid CBD?” details when and when it may not be best for a child to have CBD.
  4. Create custom oil tincture

    • You can create your own CBD oil with CBD isolate.  This is useful when creating salad dressings, massage oils, etc.  Coconut oil or sesame seed oil massages on the stomach can help with inflammation and digestive issues.  Prevention has simple stomach massage steps that you can easily add in your DIY CBD isolate massage oil. CBD integrates with natural fatty acids in oils well. Additionally, it absorbs better in your body.  Uncooked or low heat cooked foods are best to prevent the break down of the CBD.
  5. Create custom topicals

    • If you love those DIY pins and natural crafting, CBD isolate can easily be added into your favorite formulas.  It is odorless which is ideal for those who need scentless topicals or if you only want your favorite custom scent.

502 Hemp CBD isolate is THC free which has its advantages.  THC free hemp extract is excellent for those concerned with drug testing.  It’s helpful for those needing an extra CBD dose without the THC. THC could make you sleepy.  It is compact so a little goes a long way.  Plus, its tasteless and odorless which makes it ideal for mixing it in foods and topicals. Learning how to use CBD isolate is simple.  However, if you’re not feeling time in the kitchen or crafty, 502 Hemp has trusted CBD edibles and CBD topicals ready for you.