The ease and availability of CBD products online allow for this natural supplement to reach almost everyone.  Just as with any product you buy online, it is crucial for your safety and wellness to be a savvy consumer.  Purchasing CBD on Amazon looks convenient; however, here is what you need to know about CBD sold on Amazon.

1. CBD on Amazon is technically prohibited

According to Amazon’s seller central rules and regulations, CBD products containing “full-spectrum hemp oil, rich hemp oil, and product that have been identified as containing CBD By LegitScripts” are prohibited. This is a problem for a consumer like you.  You may think ‘But they sell CBD on Amazon” or my friend “buys CBD from Amazon.” It’s true, there are third-party sellers with CBD on Amazon. But what is actually on Amazon is anybody’s guess. Why? To join the bandwagon and sell CBD on Amazon, companies label their products as hemp oil and even use the term “hemp seed oil” in the product description.  Technically, your CBD product on Amazon isn’t CBD at all.

2. CBD on Amazon. What’s in it?

We don’t truly know.  Since sellers are prohibited from selling CBD products with the CBD in it, it’s clearly a hemp product without Cannabidiol. Knowing your CBD terms helps you decipher the CBD product descriptions on Amazon.  Quickly you will realize that the CBD is missing in these “CBD products.”  Actually, if we trust the descriptions, then the products contain hemp seed oil or hemp oil.  Neither of these hemp oils contains CBD.  Hemp extract oil does contain CBD.

3. 3rd party testing & CBD on Amazon

One way to trust the CBD you’ve purchased is by using third-party testing. You need CBD companies that submit their products for third-party testing and plainly post Certificate of Analysis for CBD products.  This gives you lab-tested and nonbiased information about many of the ingredients in your CBD products.

4. Missing the direct source

CBD products on Amazon are third party sellers.  You may be able to contact them through Amazon; yet, you still miss the direct source.  It’s harder to tell if the ingredients truly are the ingredients in your product.   You may question if this company could tell you how their CBD is made, where the hemp is grown, and many other questions you need to ask.  Being able to directly communicate with your CBD company is crucial for your safety.  Don’t get ripped off with your CBD.

5. CBD on Amazon.  On your own.

Amazon has a helpful feature of consumer questions and a company’s answers.  Most of the questions are generic and may not relate to you.  Having direct contact with your CBD company puts you in the control seat to ask individual questions and get direct answers.  With knowledgeable CBD companies, you may be able to receive a CBD consultation. Why a CBD consultation? You get one on one information about the company, guidance to the right CBD product, and a CBD expert looking out for you.  They know the questions to ask you as well as answer your questions.  CBD on Amazon cannot offer you this powerful CBD consumer tool. Don’t take the gamble with your CBD on Amazon.  Contact your CBD experts, 502 Hemp staff is ready to take your questions. We know exactly where and how our CBD products are grown, extracted, plus what ingredients are in it and how to use them. Our CBD products are third-party tested and Certificate of Analysis (COAs) are available on product pages.  Get the direct source on CBD here at 502 Hemp. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest info and inside view of what happens at 502 Hemp.