On CBD info overload? Or not sure where to start with CBD? A CBD consultation with hemp experts is what you need.

What is a CBD Consultation?

  1. A private conversation understanding of your needs.
  2. A one on one education on CBD.
  3. A personal guide to the right CBD products for you.

What You Need to Know in a CBD Consultation.

  1. Your medications.
  2. What health issues you are concerned about.
  3. If drug testing is a factor for you.

What is CBD Consultation is NOT

  1. A diagnosis of any kind.
  2. A promise of a cure.
  3. A push to purchase products that you do not want or may not work for you.

The experts at 502 Hemp are here to help! We will consult one on one with you and loved ones with respect for privacy.  Additionally, 502 Hemp partners with physicians and a local pharmacy.  With no pressure sales, 502 Hemp CBD consultations are about you! In-store or by email at [email protected], we are ready to help you find natural health options.