While CBD was made federally legal in 2018 with particular regulations, not all states allow the selling or purchasing of CBD within that state.  As laws are passed, certain information may not be current.  Please check out the FDA website for current federal information and your state’s .gov website for state updates.

CBD in Kentucky

Hemp and Kentucky have a long history.  Hemp was grown in early Kentucky as a textile crop for ropes, fabrics, and paper.  With a downturn after World War Two and then classified as a controlled substance in 1970 under the Control Substances Act, hemp was not legally accessible to the general public in many states.  Thankfully, hemp is making a comeback.  In 2017, the Kentucky House Bill 50 called for the research and regulation of research of hemp in Kentucky.  The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill and KY 218A.10  allows a person in Kentucky to sell and possess CBD legally.  There are regulations for sellers and consumers.

CBD in Kentucky Regulations

According to federal law,  CBD companies are not to make health claims or claims or any statement concerning CBD and a “cure.” CBD or hemp products are not FDA approved.  Federally and according to state law, CBD in Kentucky is not to contain more than 0.3% of THC per CBD product.  Additionally, A seller of hemp or CBD products in Kentucky cannot grow hemp without a state-approved license. It is important to note that CBD in Kentucky does not require a medical reason, i.e. doctors note, to possess CBD or Delta 8 THC products.  However, 502 Hemp suggests speaking with your doctor and our CBD experts to ensure your safety.

CBD can be purchased from 502 Hemp and 502hemp.com.  Our products are third-party tested so you know that there is no more than .0.3% of THC in our CBD products that are full-spectrum hemp extract.