As the CBD industry continues to grow, more people are finding benefits to using CBD products.  Children are no exception.  Can you give your kid CBD? The question of giving a child CBD is not straight forward and there are important questions you need to ask.

Is your child taking medications?

If your child is taking medications, then your doctor and pharmacist need to know.  This is especially important when a medication has a grapefruit warning on it.  Cannabidiol is processed through the liver just as grapefruit and some medications are processed.  502 Hemp has partnered with medical professionals to ensure the safety of our customers.

Is it Legal in your state?

The 2018 Farm Bill may have made hemp-derived products with less than .03% percent legal to purchase, but individual states have their laws concerning CBD.  Make sure you check out this list and know do research on your state’s requirement.

Full-Spectrum vs THC Free?

Generally, 502 Hemp recommends full-spectrum CBD to get the full benefit of all the cannabinoids.  Yet, through CBD consultations we find that no everyone should take full-spectrum CBD.   THC free CBD Oil (Broad Spectrum CBD) is an alternative.  Why would you need to give a child THC free CBD oil?

  1. Concerns over the hallucinogenic of THC cannabinoid in full-spectrum CBD
  2. Failed drug tests are possible, for sports or other reasons

Source of CBD and Testing

The source and production of CBD are crucial for you and your child.  Studies have found that CBD companies are not honest about what is in their CBD oil.  This is what you need to ask for when considering CBD for your child:

  • Where is the hemp grown?
    • A CBD company needs to be able to tell you where the hemp is grown. Organically grown hemp is better.
  • CBD extraction process?
    • Supercritical CO2 extraction is referred to as the gold standard.  This type of extraction does not utilize harmful chemicals or toxins to create the hemp extract.
  • Third-party testing?
    • Best practice for a CBD company is to have batches of hemp extract tested by a third party.  The results are listed in a Certificate of Analysis.  This lets you know what is in your CBD oil and what is not in your CBD oil.

502 Hemp’s CBD products start with organically grown hemp and are extracted with supercritical CO2.  Our CBD oil is third-party tested and Ph.D. chemist is on site.   Certificate of Analysis or COAs are available and updated on the product pages.

What Children Could Benefit?

Some of our parents have found success with CBD and their children.  No cure or health claims about our CBD; yet, possible benefits could be with anxiety, focus (ADHD), autism, sensory processing disorder (SPD) among others.  Contact us for a confidential CBD consultation for your child.  We will address necessary information and answer your questions.  Contact us or visit a 502 Hemp location.