While CBD with less than 0.03% is federally legal, each state sets its own regulations concerning hemp.  Indiana has specific regulations concerning hemp and the types of products that are legal.  It’s crucial to know what your state says about CBD, marijuana, or any other hemp product.

CBD in Indiana

Indiana began brining back hemp in 2013 with study and bill to support the study of hemp and it’s benefits.  In 2014, Indiana state law reduced the criminal classification f marijuana thus lowering sentencing. Additionally, in the same year, the cultivation of the industrial hemp with specific regulations became legal.  The state made further moves will a bill in 2015 to separate the definition of hemp from marijuana.  CBD became legal in 2018 nationwide in 2018 with the federal farm bill, plus Indiana set their own state law to allow CBD.  Indiana has a history of hemp much like other Midwestern states found in  CBD by the State.

Indiana CBD Regulations

The selling of CBD products, with less than 0.03% of THC, is legal in Indiana.  Anyone can possess CBD products; however, if a CBD merchant is found selling marijuana they may lose their license.   Smokeable hemp not currently legal in the state.  Delta 8 products are legal for selling and purchase.  Hemp products with higher than 0.03% THC or is classified as marijuana is not currently legal in any form in Indiana.

CBD in Indiana is legal for purchase in state and online.  When searching for quality CBD products, 502 Hemp creates CBD products with organic industrial hemp.  If a product contains THC, there is no more than 0.03% of THC.  Our CBD products are third party tested.  With little regulations on CBD products, quality, and integrity is crucial for your success in using CBD products.  Learn more about 502 Hemp CBD products.