What is a COA?

COA stands for Certificate of Analysis.  A Certificate of Analysis is a lab report that can show a number of different test results.  Some Certificates of Analysis will show levels of pesticides in the hemp, heavy metals or other contaminants. Some will show the cannabinoid profile and exactly how much Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is in the product.

How do you read a report?

Look at the totals typically at the bottom. It should be labeled total CBD per mg/ml and total THC per mg/ml. To look at THC percentages, move the decimal one spot to the left. This will tell you if the product is federally compliant or not.  502 Hemp’s Certificates of Analysis are performed by a PhD chemist that specializes in cannabinoid testing. This lab is in-house with our manufacturer, Commonwealth Extracts (CE). They also send products to be third party tested to check their analytics so they are always spot on. They ALWAYS send their extracted hemp to be third party tested for pesticides, heavy metals, and other various possible contaminants as well.  Since CE’s farmers only grow organically, their Certificate of Analysis for pesticides shows that no pesticides have been used.

How can you tell if the product you are buying is legitimate?

If the company is following United States Code Title 21, which is the law for all food, drug and cosmetic manufactures and includes label guidelines, the total amount of CBD listed on the label is required to be either +/- 10% variation to be considered compliant. This total amount on the label is for CBD only and does not include the THC percentage or other cannabinoid percentages.

See Exhibit 1 for a published Certificate of Analysis from a local CBD company that is off by 17.88%. They tested a 500mg 1 ounce bottle.  The CBD should be closer to 16.6mgs per ml.  Theirs is 13.68, which is out of the specified label requirements. That is approximately 2.98mgs short in each milliliter dosing and there are approximately 30 in the bottle, so they are off by a total of 89.4mgs per bottle. So technically their bottle only has 410mgs of CBD not 500mgs as stated on their label.  They are off by 17.88%, well above the limits set by US Code Title 21.  This is extremely misleading to the CBD consumer.

As a comparison, See Exhibit 2 for a Certificate of Analysis from 502 Hemp.  This is for a 500mg 1 ounce bottle as well.  Our total amount of CBD  is 16.69mg, which is closer to 500mgs per bottle. Even a little over.  This is why it is important to know how to read a certificate of analysis so that you know that you are getting the amount of milligrams that you are paying for.  All Certificate of Analysis can be found on our Resource page.

Why buy your CBD oil from 502 Hemp?

A lot of people that are selling CBD oil are just selling it.  They have no idea how to even read a certificate of analysis and obviously they are selling products below federal guidelines on labeling. This is why it is important to stay informed. Why would you want to pay for 500mgs only to truly get 410mgs of CBD?  502 Hemp cares about our customers and strives to only carry products that are ALWAYS within the legal limits of variations.  Most of our  products are over on the milligram or spot on. From time to time there may be a lower milligram, but typically only by 1-2%, NEVER by 17.88%.  This is why integrity matters.