CBD can be infused in many types of edibles.  A delicious option to get a CBD dose is in a cookie.

What is a CBD Cookie?

Simply, it’s a cookie with CBD baked in it.  There are some important factors when choosing the right CBD cookie.

  1. Quality of CBD
    1. High quality CBD Oil extracted with Supercritical CO2 and 3rd party tested.
    2. CBD Oil has an easy to locate COA
    3. Type of CBD Oil and how many milligrams is clearly printed on the package
  2. Ingredients
    1. Natural ingredients
    2. ingredients clearly stated on the package

The most important part- the cookie has to taste delicious!

502 Hemp has crafted CBD cookies that our customers LOVE.  Each is crafted with our quality CBD and natural ingredients with everything you need to know clearly labeled on the package and online! Check out our Resources page for the COA on our CBD oils.  Want to know more? Contact us.