Feeling stressed? anxious? Try these 502 Hemp self-care ideas that may reduce stress naturally.

502 Hemp Self Care Ideas

  • Soak in the tub.  Use a natural bath bomb!
  • Walk outside! Cardio and Nature are powerful!
  • Pet a fur baby. Preferably yours or trusted pet.
  • Grab a virtual coffee via video chat with a friend or loved one.
  • Savor a piece of chocolate or tea.
  • Wear bright colors and creative wardrobes. Create theme days.
  • Join a virtual fitness class.
  • Get creative and crafty.
  • Good Smells! Candles, essential oil roll ons, and lotions!
  • Eat a CBD edible! Hemp may help your body naturally relax.

Why Self Care Matters

Our parasympathetic nervous system needs to get engaged to promote healing and optimal health.  The stress response in our sympathetic nervous system is designed for short term body preservation.  When we are in constant stress, our physical health and mental state declines as our nervous systems and other bodily systems go on overload.  Self Care is more than relaxing.  Self Care is engaging our parasympathetic nervous system with the intention to heal and recover.

Self Care Bingo April 20th through 24th

Check out our Facebook page and play along with us! Take a photo of your completed Self Care Bingo card and upload it after Thursday at 6 pm on a new 502 Hemp Wellness Facebook post.  Friday a name will be drawn for a free prize.

Print or request one from our 502 Hemp Middletown store-  (502)654-7100.

Self Care Bingo 502 Hemp Style - Image