CBD with less than 0.03% is federally legal;  however, South Dakota had remained staunch on its status as CBD being illegal for the general public.  Recent changes have lead to some confusion over the legality of hemp products.   Be informed and do consistent research on your state’s laws concerning hemp and CBD products.

CBD in South Dakota

Little is known concerning the history of hemp before the last few decades in South Dakota.  Hemp was illegal throughout the entire country under federal standards with the 1970 control substance act.  As states began to decriminalize marijuana and pilot industrial hemp research, South Dakota did not have a clear stance on hemp, CBD, or cannabis.  CBD and hemp products were reported to exist within the state for some time.

After the 2018 federal farm bill and unsuccessful attempts to pass state laws legalizing hemp, the governor of South Dakota in 2019 released an official formal statement.  The statement by Governor Kristi Noem backed with state laws at the time cleared up the confusion, CBD was illegal to sell in stores or to the general public.  State laws did allow with specific guidelines for CBD to be used for medical purposes only.  Finally, in March 2020, South Dakota state laws legalized CBD with 0.3% of THC.

CBD Regulations

Hemp products with the legal limit of THC are allowed to be sold and possessed by the general public within the state of South Dakota.  Additionally, Delta 8 products are currently legal within the state.  CBD in South Dakota with Delta 9 products with more than 0.3%  is currently not legal in South Dakota.  With the recent legal status of hemp products,  research on industrial hemp new within the state along with the CBD industry.

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