Hemp gummies vs CBD gummies: what’s the difference and which one may be better for you? It all comes down to your needs and understanding hemp industry terminology.  Your understanding of what certain words mean is crucial.  It is the factor that determines if you are getting the right product or getting ripped off.

Hemp Gummies vs CBD Gummies on Your Terms

Hemp gummies may have a general meaning of hemp, hemp extract, or CBD when people talk about gummies with hemp in them. However, on a label and in its pure meaning, hemp gummies are hemp seed-derived gummies.  These gummies do not contain cannabinoids or shouldn’t contain cannabinoids to be true to it’s labeling.  If you see ‘hemp’ on a gummy label, expect that there are no cannabinoids in it.

Gummies with hemp seed-derived oil may provide some nutrients and antioxidants when ingested.  As a matter of fact, hemp seed oil is excellent for cooking and for use in topicals like our CBD balms.  You won’t get the benefits like taking CBD gummies because there are not cannabinoids in them.

CBD gummies can be more beneficial to you because they do contain cannabinoids or CBD.  Often people are looking for gummies with CBD as it could help with sleep, pain, etc.  What may be confusing for some consumers is the term hemp extract used with gummies.  Hemp extract does contain cannabinoids or CBD.  When labeled, hemp extract gummies and CBD gummies, these are same terms for one product- gummies with cannabinoids in them.

CBD Gummies is a Yes

Hemp gummies vs CBD gummies isn’t a contest.  They are not the same product.  If you are looking for help with your wellness or a specific issue, CBD gummies may be your best option.  Terms for CBD gummies themselves can be broad. You are looking for: hemp extract, CBD, full-spectrum CBD/hemp extract, THC free CBD/hemp extract to be on CBD gummy package label.  If it a package only states hemp then you’re not getting CBD in your gummies. When deciding hemp gummies vs CBD gummies, consider your why for taking these types of gummies.   Hemp gummies may have nutritional benefits from pressed hemp seed oil, but they do not contain cannabinoids.  When looking for a natural option for issues such as pain, etc- CBD gummies may help.  Follow a CBD gummy guide to ensure you get the best quality gummy.  Reference this article for the list of terms and help others by sharing your CBD education.  You can take it further by speaking with our CBD experts to learn everything you need to know about CBD gummies, get your questions answered, and receive personal guidance.