Simple terms with huge value, this is your must have pet CBD product checklist.  We know you want the best for your pet. We want that too.  Pet CBD oil can be safe, read our article covering pet CBD safety, and our CBD experts make it easy to know which CBD product your pet needs.  Check these before you buy your pet’s CBD oil.

Make Sure It’s The Right CBD Oil

Your pet has an endocannabinoid system ready for pet CBD oil.   Full-spectrum CBD oil has all the cannabinoids that can help your pet get maximum benefits.  Avoid labels with “hemp oil” as these types of oils are not CBD oils but hemp seed oil extract and have no CBD in it.  CBD pet oils are created with hemp extract, generally from the entire plant, and have cannabinoids in them.

The Right Process and Ingredients

A hemp company knowing where their hemp is grown and how it is processed is crucial for a pet CBD product. Supercritical CO2 extraction is a clean hemp extraction process. It doesn’t use chemicals or heat that can alter the hemp extract. Your pet products need the purest and clean hemp extract in them.

It’s important that you check ingredients on labels.  There should be no flavors like cinnamon or any kind.  Pets go natural in taste with CBD. Additionally, most essential oils and fragrances are not safe for pets.  Quality hemp extract and natural oils are all your pet needs.  CBD dog treats can be an option.  Clear labeling of canine approved foods and pure hemp extract is what you’re looking for in CBD dog treats.

Certificate of Analysis is Necessary

To ensure what is in your pet CBD product, third party testing and certificate of analysis is necessary.  A certificate of analysis that is plainly available for you tells you the level of THC and whether or not heavy metals, pesticides are present in the CBD product.

Low Price Tag is a Red Flag

Hemp products should be competitively market priced. However, if a price is dramatically lower or suspiciously lower than most pet CBD products it is concerning.  Cheap price sometimes means cheap products.  Your pet may not even be getting CBD at all or a hemp extract this isn’t the best for them.

Get the Full Advantage for Your Pet

Pet CBD oil isn’t the only product that could help your pet.  502 Hemp has pet safe approved CBD topical made exclusively for your pet- Pet CBD Balm.  Pet CBD topicals may help with joint pain, rashes, and some other types of skin issues.  For dogs, you can treat them to CBD infused dog treats.  Dog treats work best as an extra dose or for picky eaters.  Get the complete advantages of CBD with your pet with more than on pet CBD product.

CBD from People as Crazy About Your Pet As You

The highest quality pet CBD comes from those are passionate and knowledgeable about hemp. Most importantly, passionate about your pet.  Some of our staff have pets themselves or foster dogs for adoption.  We love stories, meeting pets, and being there for your whole family.  Just as our humans can have CBD consultations, we will consult with you and your pet for questions and guidance on the right product.  This is what passionate pet CBD looks like.CBD could be a vital wellness option for your pet including but not limited to: seizures and pain. You have your checklist. Now put CBD companies to the test, including us!  Find the Certificate of Analysis on the pet CBD product page. Plus, speak with one of our staff for further questions.