Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz Expose Issues With CBD

Daytime TV celebrities Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz have joined forces to expose the real issues of CBD in the market today. This may seem like an attack on CBD, however, we at 502 Hemp do not see it that way. In fact, we agree with most, if not all of the statements that both of these doctors have made.

Opposed to the celebrity CBD bandwagon that has been growing in the media, these two doctors are speaking out on real issues. However, a critical fact mentioned in these videos is that CBD is not the culprit. The health risks associated with these products come from the way the products are grown and produced, the companies misrepresenting these products, and the government agencies that refuse to regulate and make declarations on CBD’s benefits or lack thereof. The issue is not with CBD but the way it is allowed to be produced and sold unregulated.

CBD, FDA, and Big Pharma Exposed

Making any claims about the benefits of CBD is banned by the FDA and is enforced by the FTC. For details on why this is please read our previous post “Why You Can’t Make Claims About CBD”. In a nutshell, there are two reasons. The first being there has not been enough published research on the effects and possible benefits that CBD has on the human body and mind. The second, which is not referenced directly but assumed, is that the possible benefits of CBD, once recognized, would be devastating to Big Pharma. This group makes billions every year selling medications and medical devices. They also spend billions on buying patents, suppressing research, paying settlements, and funding the FDA. It has long been theorized that the reason for the FDA foot drag on its declarations for CBD has been related to influence from this group.

If a plant that can grow easily in most climates could cure or help prevent a fraction of what the hemp plant is theorized it would be devastating to the bottom line of these multi-billion dollar corporations. It stands to reason that these companies would have no interest in allowing an agency that it funds to undermine its profits.

Unregulated CBD Exposed

Since CBD is not recognized as “Fit for human consumption” it is sold unregulated. This means that that statements made on the packaging or in advertisements are unregulated. This means that as long as CBD companies are not making direct claims about medical benefits, no agencies are verifying the legitimacy of the products. The potentially hazardous chemicals resulting from pesticides, fertilizers, and the extraction process are also not regulated. As referenced in the analysis, this is the real problem with CBD.

Present and Future Solutions

Dr. Phil & Oz have done a great deed by bringing these issues to the forefront. We at 502 Hemp agree that the FDA needs to recognize the possible benefits of CBD and impose regulations on its production and distribution. We self regulate by only using CBD derived from all-natural organic hemp and using the purest extraction method known.

However, don’t take our word for it! We also provide a 3rd party Certificate of Analysis (COA) for all products within our brand. This is an independent study of the contents of each of our products. These labs are not influenced by us and we have no control over what these reports show including pesticides. We don’t do this because we are required or because it is now in the spotlight. We do this because we believe in our products & the possible benefits of CBD. The products you buy from us are the same products we use and give to our families. For additional information on how to read a COA please review our post “What is a Certificate of Analysis.