Celebrities and CBD

If you haven’t noticed the CBD industry has brought in a mass of celebrity-owned CBD companies. Actors and professional athletes are drawn to this emerging industry like a moth to a porch light. If you look, you will likely find one of your favorite athletes, comedians, actors, promoting their  CBD. Be warned CBD and celebrities don’t necessarily mix.

Why They Do It

There are several reasons celebrities choose to move into the CBD industry. Celebrities who start, buy, or promote these companies for good reasons do so because it works for them. It has enhanced their career and they see the value of what this amazing product offers. The CBD business is a natural move for celebrities who have been vocal advocates for CBD or marijuana rights throughout their careers. For others, it is an overnight transition. Suddenly they are advocates and ready to invest their image and capital accordingly. Whether it is a gain or write off, CBD is seen as a worthy commodity to place their capital.

The Face and Name

Celebrities typically start businesses at the end or shortly after the end of their professional careers. This is because they still have money as well as their greatest asset, their public image. At the end of their career, a celebrities face is still fresh from media publicity and endorsements. This valuable commodity does not last forever. Celebrities need to move their name, face, and monetary assets into something before they are diminished. A celebrity owned or endorsed CBD company seems like a good idea but buying CBD because the person who owns or endorses the company is a celebrity is not a good idea.

Where Celebrities and CBD Go Wrong

Celebrities have great connections in marketing, networking, and promotion. They do not always have the best connections with hemp farmers or extraction facilities. It is unlikely that the average celebrity has the time or desire to investigate the details of their product’s journey from seed to bottle. The average celebrity would likely be fully involved in the marketing aspect of their product, not its production. The reason for this is because that’s how they were successful in their last job, being famous. Products, like people, are often valued by their exposure in the media market and not always because they are the best. As a CBD consumer, you owe it to yourself to purchase the best product for you, not the most promoted.

Best Practices

We all get lost in the hype of what’s cool and what’s trendy. Almost everyone has bought something based on the fact that someone they liked on TV or the movies owned or endorsed it. CBD however is not a T-shirt or a pair of shoes, it is a supplement you are ingesting or absorbing into your body. For this reason, we recommend you look past the hypnotic allure that celebrities have on us and research the product. Our earlier post What Standards Make The Best CBD gives a good summary of how to research your CBD before you buy it.

At 502 Hemp we engage influencers, not celebrities to endorse our products. Our influencers use our products & have experienced benefits. We do not engage people to endorse our products unless they use them. Our motto is Quality, Integrity, and knowledge matter. This is something we truly believe in, not just lip service. We may never be celebrities, but if we are we hope it is for providing what we believe to be the highest standard of CBD and customer service.