There are lots of terms surrounding the hemp industry. Terpenes in CBD oil may be beneficial to you according to some CBD companies’ claims.  Terms like ‘entourage effect’ are given in support of terpenes.  However, what does it really mean?

Terpenes in CBD oil… What are they?

Scents. Much like essential oils you are familiar with.  Every cannabis plant has its own scent. So does every other plant on earth. Food grade terpenes can be extracted, but there are warnings when it comes to inhaling them.

Don’t be fooled.

Most terpenes on the market are not true cannabis terpenes and there is little known medicinal value to them, only claims. Cannabis and terpenes address the science of terpenes and it’s different types. Plus this article details the ‘entourage effect.’  This term can be connected or labeled on CBD products.  There isn’t much to support this effect with hemp or CBD.  Natural terpenes in CBD oil can add natural flavor like pink lemonade to CBD oil.  Some terpenes have amazing scents to them too.  Don’t get ripped off with your CBD.  Honest and well-informed CBD companies will be open with information and help you.  Ask knowledgeable CBD experts like 502 Hemp about products, uses, and any questions you think of.