You don’t need to be confused by CBD labels and product descriptions. Learn these terms you need to know before you make your CBD purchase.

CBD Terms for Labels and Products

Hemp Extract

Hemp extract is derived from the hemp plant, in part or in whole.   This contains the cannabinoids for CBD products.  Under the 2018 federal farm bill, CBD products must contain no more than 0.03% of THC. Additionally, each state sets its own laws and regulations concerning hemp. Learn more about each state. 

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is not hemp extract.  Sometimes called hemp oil, the hemp seed oil is cold-pressed from hemp seeds.  Hemp seed oil products have benefits for skin and other wellness needs; however, it does not contain CBD or hemp extract.


Milligrams (mg) for CBD products are the measurement unit used for the amount of hemp extract contained in a product.  The milligrams listed on a CBD product is the total amount and how much there is of hemp extract.  Milligrams of hemp extract can vary- as in more hemp extract or less hemp extract.  An example are our CBD oils which have 250 mg of hemp extract per bottle or 500 mg or higher amounts.  Sometimes these differences in milligrams of hemp extract are called strengths.

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Analysis is important for CBD products.  A certificate of analysis tells you what is in a CBD product and what is not.  You can learn more about the certificate of analysis or COAs at our CBD education center.

Third-Party Testing

This practice is crucial for a CBD company. This is when specific CBD products are tested by a lab that is not the actual CBD company.

 CO2 Extraction

The CO2 extraction process uses changes in temperature and pressure to create hemp extract.  It is a clean extraction process that does not use heat or toxic chemicals. All of the CBD terms you will find on different 502 Hemp CBD labels and products.  502 Hemp uses CO2 extraction and third-party testing.  Plus, you can find our Certificate of Analysis is available directly on product pages. If you have questions as to which milligram or strength of CBD is right for you, contact us for a CBD consultation.

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