Putting CBD in foods and drinks is on the rise, including alcoholic beverages.  Before you try that CBD drink recipe, learn how CBD and alcohol interactions could impact you.  Furthermore, there are ways to be smart in using CBD in any type of recipe.

CBD and Alcohol Interactions

What You Need to Know

  • They do affect each other. CBD could intensify the effects of your beverage.  The effect could be a relaxed sensation.  Yet, a CBD drink recipe might impact reaction time, thinking skills, etc.
  • CBD could help protect liver cells.  Both alcohol and CBD are processed through the liver, but differently.  Initial clinical studies like a 2014 study with rats show that cannabidiol on its own may help protect the liver.  This type of research is in its infancy states and not conclusive.  However, cannabinoids studied in other areas of science have been found to protect cells in other parts of the body as well. We are not claiming, nor should any make the claim that CBD will prevent liver damage with alcohol or anything else.
  • When adding CBD to a recipe, consider the dose and your typical dose.  Everyone processes CBD and alcohol differently.  You could have less of an effect or more. No one knows for sure until they’ve consumed the drink.  Follow some simple tips on being smart with your CBD.

Be Smart with Your CBD

There are considerations before mixing any product with CBD and any type of alcohol.  Be one hundred percent sure that an illness or medications will not interact with alcohol or CBD. Talk with your doctor, pharmacist, and one of our staff before mixing the two to learn about possible effects.  Additionally, lower the combined effect with your CBD dose.  Do go low and slow when adding a CBD dose to an alcoholic beverage.

Most importantly, please do not drive or perform activities that you may need your full attention.  Some CBD and alcohol drink recipes call for a certain amount of each based on that person.  CBD and alcohol interactions vary from person to person.  You could have a delayed effect.  Be smart when mixing CBD products into recipes of any kind.

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