Save the bees with CBD honey! Yes CBD honey is useful for humans in so many ways. What is CBD honey good for? offers up a few ideas.  CBD honey is an excellent sugar substitute for recipes too.  This isn’t a one-sided relationship.

Your CBD honey helps a dwindling bee population. A struggling bee population impacts our environment, including the pollination needed for food crops, flowers, and other plants.  We need bees as much as they need us.  Join 502 Hemp is supporting bee habits and preserving their important role in our lives.

4 Ways To Support Bees

  • Support Your Local Bee Hives

    • Show your bees some love by purchasing from local honey producers and sharing their info.  Like our CBD honey, these are small business owners with a dedicated bee staff.  Your commitment to quality local honey helps keep beehives running.
  • Keep Bee-Friendly Plants

    • Chew on this.  Plants like Dandelion and clove can have amazing herbal remedies for humans plus its a food source for bees.  Tubular and purple flowers are ideal for bees, but it’s not limited to these types of plants. Get a more comprehensive list with bee experts.   If you do not want bees close to your doors, you can plant bee-friendly plants towards the back of your property or on planters or in front of windows you do not open.
  • Invest in a Bee Water Fountain

    • Bees need to be hydrated like their human friends.  Stagnant water sources invite mosquitos and other unwanted living things.  A moving fountain or pond in your outdoor space provides a water source for bees.  Plus you now have a relaxing water feature.
  • Avoid Pesticides

    • Toxic chemicals in some pesticides are harmful to humans and bees alike.  Avoid them as much as possible for both your sakes.

Certainly, if you or a loved one is allergic to bees, we do not advocate keeping bee-friendly plants close to you.  You can help advocate for them by helping others understand how to best support bees.  502 Hemp’s CBD bees are local to our area for our CBD honey.  Plus, our hemp extract for our CBD products is local too.  Helpful to the bees with a lower carbon footprint.  Helpful to you with quality CBD honey we see from start to finish.

Save the bees with CBD honey! Purchase local honey from 502 Hemp and advocate for our buzzy friends.  Our food and resources count on them.