CBD chewing gum is a hot item that has hit the CBD bestseller list. It’s not a new product, so why the sudden interest? In a word, stress is the answer. Gum chewing is often considered as American as baseball & has been around for roughly 9000 years. Its social acceptability has been a long time debate.

Recent studies have shown that gum chewing may have a direct effect on cortisol levels & mood. In a study performed in 2008 by Andrew Scholey, Ph.D. test subjects were reported to show a reduction in stress while experiencing an increase in performance & alertness. CBD gum may provide all of these benefits with the addition of CBD. When combined this product may provide a double dose of what is needed by many to maintain a healthy focus & stress balance. In addition, taking CBD this way may allow an increased absorption from the buccal mucosa (lining of the cheeks and lips) & the sublingual glands beneath the tongue. This has been considered one of the best methods of absorption for CBD. The wearing of masks due to Covid in most public places relieves some of the social stigmas of gum chewing.

If gum chewing is not an option for you 502 Hemp has several options that could offer similar benefits. Lollipops, lozenges, gummies, caramels & more are all available online & in stores. Whether you are a gum chewer or not current public health, elections & our social state has many looking for something to help us relax.