How much CBD should you take?

CBD dosing varies for everyone. Although CBD is not believed to have any known adverse side effects it is recommended that you consult your physician prior to taking CBD. There is no one dose that fits all when it comes to CBD.  Everyone metabolizes CBD differently.  Some think that dosing is based on weight, that is not necessarily true. The speed & absorption rate of CBD may play the biggest role in how much you should take. The purpose you are taking CBD and the method of ingestion also play an important part in deciding how much CBD you should take.

We recommend starting on the lower end of the dosage spectrum when first starting CBD. The reason being that there is no benefit in taking more than you may need & spending money you don’t have to.  Depending on your symptoms or why you want to take CBD, we guide you to what we believe is the best dosage & ingestion method to start with. Typically for adults, we recommend a minimum of 25mgs per dose. In a standard 30 ml bottle of 750mg tincture, this would be 1ml.  However, most people may need between 50-200mgs a day for pain and sleep. That is obtainable with our 1500mg or 3000mg tincture or increased dosage of edibles, inhalers, vapes, and other products containing CBD. You can always add more, it’s harder to take away.

Methods of Taking CBD

Methods of ingestion & their effect can also vary greatly. Tinctures that absorb sublingually (under the tongue) have been shown to have a relatively high absorption rate & a relatively slow metabolization rate. For this reason, we typically recommend a tincture as a base method of ingestion. Edibles have a slower absorption rate due to needing to pass through the digestive system prior to entering the bloodstream and also have a slower metabolization rate. Inhalants such as inhalers, vapes smoking of the hemp flower have a near-instant absorption and metabolism more quickly than most other methods. The health hazards related to smoking should also be considered before using these methods. Topicals have shown success in pain relief but are not believed to penetrate the dermis so do not metabolize in the same way as other CBD products. Determining the best method & dosage for you depends on how much CBD you need & how quickly you need its effects. Many of our customers may benefit from a combination of methods.

How much CBD should children take?

Yes, children can take CBD oil. Since all aminals, including young ones, have an endocannabinoid system. Children may be a little harder to dose and a lower dosage than adults since they are smaller & usually have a fast metabolism. We usually recommend starting with an 8.3 to 10mg dose. This would typically be in the form of a 250mg bottle of tincture or 300mg bottle of gummies.  Some parents start as low as half these amounts and see how the child responds. Adding a little over time until the desired dose is reached.  We don’t typically advise CBD oil for children under 3 and you should ALWAYS check with their pediatrician first.

How much CBD should pets take?

Pets have an endocannabinoid system as well and can benefit from CBD oil just like we can. In fact endocannabinoids have been found in all mammals.  Their dose is based usually based on their weight.  Similar to human tinctures we provide a dosage card with suggested amounts.  We have two-milligram sizes available, 250mg, and 750mg. Larger pets typically need more. Most pets also metabolize CBD quicker than humans, for this reason we recommend splitting CBD dosages up to at least twice a day.

Consultations are available in store & by phone. We are here to help you determine how much CBD you should take. Please reach out to us directly for any further questions! Be well.