Should NFL Allow CBD?

NFL Investigates if They Should Allow CBD As Alternative Pain Management

Should the NFL allow CBD for it’s players? Athletes are beginning to speak out. NFL football players put their bodies through the ringer. Like many other sports leagues the NFL is now confronted with a decision. Should CBD be considered a competition legal? In an interview with CNBC Hall of Famer Terell Davis speaks of his success with CBD. His hope that it will be removed as a banned substance. The NFL, NFLPA held a forum centered around investigating CBD. No changes have been made yet. If the NFL chooses to accept CBD it will join the ranks of the PGA (Golf) & MLS (Soccer) who have chosen to accept CBD as legal substance.

NFL Investigates CBD

We at 502 Hemp feel that the NFL should allow CBD for it’s players. Our opinion is that there is simply no scientific evidence showing that it gives an unfair advantage to athletes who use it. While we wait for the FDA to do their testing & publish the their findings the jury is out for many athletes now publicly raving about the benefits of CBD.  Specifically speaking to their comfort level lending benefit to their athletic carriers. Below are just some of the Broad Spectrum products offered at 502 Hemp. These are considered competition legal in many amateur & professional sports leagues. Check with your specific league’s rules & requirements for details.