It’s time to celebrate National Romance Awareness Month! Do we really need a month to be aware of romance? Probably not, but why pass up on the opportunity? For some romance can be challenging and for others, we could use some extras in the romance department.  CBD and romance are truly a natural partnership for you and your partner.

CBD and Romance

Pain is an issue that some deal with in intimacy and romance.   Hemp extract products with THC may help.  The cannabinoids in CBD  works with your endocannabinoid system (ECS) throughout your body and may address pain.  Using CBD oils or CBD topicals could provide the relief you need. Stress inhibits blood/oxygen flow and could impact your mental health.  Stress literally can keep you from being in a romantic mood.  CBD products work with your ECS which could reduce stress and increase blood/oxygen flow.  All of this could certainly help in the romance department.

You Need to Know This

CBD and romance are an amazing partnership, but there are cautions you need to take.

  1. Natural CBD products and ingredients. You will either ingest or put on CBD products.  CBD products with toxins are not helpful but harmful.
  2. Clean hemp extract and certification of analysis.  Look for supercritical Co2 extraction and readily apparent Certificate of Analysis for your CBD products.

CBD Products for Romance

502 Hemp CBD oils work from the inside out to possibly help with stress and pain. Plus we have amazing flavors to enhance your CBD experience.  CBD edibles are a sweet addition to your moment to help promote relaxation.  CBD chocolates anyone? CBD topicals could address pain and soothe muscle tension.  CBD balms and CBD bath bombs are perfect!  Love Button is specifically designed for intimate encounters.  These are just a few CBD products that can help. Celebrate all month and beyond. 502 Hemp will be here with our quality CBD products to help you all year long.