meditation for mental health Mental care is a daily investment we need to make.  Meditation is a mental health tool that is adaptable to your abilities, preferences, and lifestyle.  You don’t have to take it in silence.  Learn types of meditations and how 502 Hemp could help your mental health practices.

Meditation for Mental Health

Depending on the type, meditation can help lower heart rates, balance hormones, and calm nerves.   For your peace of mind, certain types of meditations can shift moods or help you process emotions.  All of this enhances focus and promotes better immune responses.   Your mental health affects your physical health.

Types of Meditation

  • Guided meditations allow you to focus on a voice and instructions.  There are youtube meditations and apps like headspace and insight timer.
  • Sound baths are what they sound like! Just listen and allow music and sounds at certain frequencies to calm your mind and body.  Many meditation apps offer sound baths or music.
  • Coloring or working with your hands.  This is meditation! Being creative brings your attention to your activity without much thought.  This can allow you to just focus on the activity or process thoughts.
  • Breathing.  Apps like calm give your body biofeedback and help you control your breath.  Concentrating on your breath is meditation and it greatly benefits your nervous system and brain.

CBD and Meditation

CBD products may enhance your meditation practice.  CBD oils and CBD edibles can be ingested for these possible benefits.  CBD topicals could help with movement in creative activities and muscle stiffness if you choose to sit.

CBD could…

  • calm an active mind
  • promote focus
  • balance hormones to elevate mood
  • calm muscles
  • relieve stiffness

Explore different types of meditations with CBD products for your mental health investment.   502 Hemp offers quality CBD products with natural ingredients to keep your peace of mind.