CBD and Essential Oils are both excellent naturopathic options to enhance wellness.

CBD oils and essential oils can be mixed together for possible natural benefits for you.

How to Use Essential Oils

How Essential Oils Works

By triggering particular parts of your limbic system through smell, essential oils may increase positive biological chemical changes.  Your limbic system regulates in part to emotions, breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, long term memory, and more.  Specific oils and a combination of oils may promote calm, boost energy, help with headaches, and some kill viruses and germs.  Not all essential oils work just with your brain, some may work with your skin and surfaces like furniture.

How CBD Works

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is found in hemp extract. Hemp extract contains approximately 113 different cannabinoids.  Cannabinoids work directly with your endocannabinoid system existing in your brain and throughout your nervous system.  CBD could help with a variety of health issues such as seizures, pain, and more.  CBD topicals may address skin issues and pain.

The Possible Benefits of CBD and Essential Oils

The hemp plant contains terpenes which are hydrocarbons just like essential oils.  This means CBD and essential oils are natural partners that could promote healing with a variety of health issues.  However, there are cautions that need to be taken.  Keeping pesticides and toxic chemicals out of your natural products is critical to your health. 502 Hemp holds to the highest standard when growing, extracting, and producing our CBD oil and ingredients in CBD products.  Not all essential oils are user friendly.  If a scent is a headache or migraine trigger, then use essential oils cautiously.

502 Hemp offers CBD bath bombs with essential oils,  CBD essential oil roll-ons, CBD lotions or lotion sticks, and CBD Balm.  Our pet CBD balm does not contain any essential oils; while CBD is safe for pets, essential oils are not.

Stop in either location to learn more. 502 Hemp is always here for your health and safety.