CBD can be more than a daily supplement.  CBD products can easily be added to your health routine in so many ways! From your post-workout shakes to your morning-go, 502 Hemp is there to hellp boost your health and wellness. CBD isolate is easy to add to most foods.  It is tasteless and only requires a small amount.  502 Hemp’s CBD isolate is THC free.  This means no psychoactive cannabinoids that may cause sleepiness.  CBD Isolate can be added to shakes, nutrition drinks, no-bake cookies/protein balls, and even applesauce.   This amazing CBD add-in can be altered by heat.  If you choose to bake with it, keep the baking or cooking heat less than 350º to ensure full CBD quality. 502 Hemp has full-spectrum CBD oil that is available in a variety of flavors.  If  THC is a concern, broad-spectrum CBD is an option.  Spearmint CBD oil flavors can be added to coffee, cucumber water, or teas.  Just as CBD isolate can be affected by heat, so can CBD oil.  Please be careful when cooking or baking with CBD oil. Make the most of your health routine with CBD.  From morning to workout to meal times to winddown time, 502 Hemp is there for you.