At 502 Hemp we are passionate about our CBD and helping customers.  We do understand that CBD oil is challenging for some.  502 Hemp offers CBD capsules.  However, are CBD capsules any good? CBD capsules are an excellent alternative to taking CBD Oil.  CBD Capsules do not need to be held under the tongue.  502 Hemp CBD capsules are easy to swallow for most people.  In 502 Hemp CBD Capsules, you still get the full-spectrum CBD benefits and MCT oil as our CBD Oil. 502 Hemp offers a variety of strengths and counts for some options in dosage with your CBD capsules. CBD capsules are convenient and in a familiar form.  Our CBD capsules are created with a pre-measured dose of CBD in each capsule.  CBD capsules can be easy to travel with.  Capsules are recognizable for many people which can be a comfort.  Chances are you know how to take a capsule and instructions will be easy. CBD capsules do come with challenges.  It is difficult to change a dose when needed with capsules.  CBD Oil offers flexibility in dosage based on your needs. CBD oil absorbs better under the tongue than CBD that absorbs in the digestive system.  CBD consumption by swallowing needs to go through additional biological processes in your intestine.  Sublingual CBD is a more direct absorption into your body. Quality CBD in CBD capsules is critical.  502 Hemp uses locally grown Kentucky hemp for our hemp extract.  Our industrial hemp is extracted with clean and toxicant free supercritical CO2 extraction. CBD Capsules contain MCT coconut oil to maximize absorption.  CBD capsules could be the best option for you or a loved one.  Questions? Contact 502 Hemp for answers and guidance on CBD products.