Let’s face it, everyone wants to jump on the CBD Bandwagon and make a quick buck.

There are a lot of brands that have created multi-level marketing platforms and have recruited people to sell their sub-par products for them. You may have a friend that is selling a brand and while you want to support your friend in their multi-level marketing career, even you wonder if the product is as good as they claim.

Most of the time, it isn’t.

The good the bad and the ugly of multi-level marketing companies…

  • Most multi-level marketing companies are not a direct source. They buy from other companies that make the product, slap their label on it then re-sell it.  They often get the absolute cheapest product, which is usually the lowest quality and then hype it up into something it just isn’t.
  • Their selling tactics are extremely questionable and always involve you recruiting others into the pyramid. They hype up the amount of money you can make while putting so many limitations on things, it actually makes it hard for you to sell products.
  • Their product is WAY overpriced and typically not worth what you are paying for it. The only one that is getting the best value is the original seller and the company. Every person thereafter is usually paying for the people in their pyramid. Even if the company offers incentives for making quotas, it is usually to get rid of a product that is close to expiring or other issues.
  • It’s hard to distinguish truth from fiction when you attend workshops or events on selling CBD products. These companies were created to make money. They weren’t created to actually help their sellers and definitely not to help their customers. They just push sales sales sales. Why would you want to be a pushy salesperson or even buy from a pushy salesperson? Are you truly giving or receiving honest information?
  • Being involved in a multilevel marketing company has its advantages though. They do all the homework to get the product and some ship it out to your customers so you don’t have to.  But are you really selling a quality product? It’s the “buyer beware” that most people turn a deaf ear when the marketers and sellers are giving their speech as to why their product is the best and why you should join their team.

If you are going to sell CBD oil, you can always contact a company directly. Most will let you become an affiliate and sell their products without joining a pyramid scheme or recruiting others. 502 Hemp is getting ready to launch a program like this to help get our quality products into other markets and actually help the ones that are promoting our company by paying them to do so. You won’t have to buy or sell low-quality products.  It is a true direct source with support and proper education for the health and well being of you and your customers.  Please join our emailing list for updates on this program or contact us directly at [email protected].