Santa Needs CBD

Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas) needs CBD for many reasons. To start he was believed by some to have been first sighted sometime around 280AD in a town called Patara located in modern-day turkey. This jolly soul received his modern name at this time but he has appeared much earlier in human history.

Prior to Santa Claus’s current name & appearance, he was a she! Santa Claus went by the name Holda & was a beautiful blonde Teutonic Goddess. The exact age of this Germanic Pagan Goddess is unknown but her sightings date back thousands of years. It should also be mentioned that other historic personages such as the Norse God Odin as well as the Celtic Oak King and Holly King were known to help out with this annual tradition from time to time. This makes Santa Claus likely well over 4000 years old. His activities include circumnavigating the globe annually and delivering feelings of goodwill, gifts, and charity to billions of people. Taking all of this into account, Santa needs CBD.

Santa’s Arthritis

All of the constant activity Santa has put into toy creation, flying sleigh navigation, and chimney diving has likely resulted in some aches & pains. Many people have reported getting relief from arthritis by tasking CBD and animal studies have shown a potential for relief from pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.

Jolly Old Saint Nick

Santa has always had a reputation for being jolly and sharing goodwill towards both adults, children, and elves alike. This means he needs to be calm and patient always. Despite never-ending attempts to trap or photograph him. Not to mention deadlines, stepping on hot fireplaces, a diet consisting of mostly milk and cookies, and being exposed to varying altitudes and extreme temperatures. CBD may not be the key element to his jovial spirit however a study conducted in 2018 showed that CBD does contain anti-stress & anti-anxiety properties.

The Reindeer

Let’s not forget the reindeer! These brave beasts that have carried Santa and his bag of toys all over the globe need some relief too. Lucky for them the ECS which interacts with CBD in the body exists in all animals including humans and reindeer. Since most testing done on CBD up to now has been animal-based, that is what we know the most about. These studies have shown great results in pain & anxiety relief. Since reindeer are large, a larger dose than the averaged sized house pet is recommended.


Because we keep all information regarding our customers confidential we can neither confirm nor deny that Santa Claus our customer. What we can tell you is that if our 502 Hemp CBD cookies were left out for Santa on the night of Christmas Eve, also known as the Yule, it is likely it would earn you brownie points with the big man.