National Pet Pain Awareness September brings pet pain to the forefront as national pet pain awareness month.  This is a unique month to support pet parents in dealing with their furry family member’s pain and discover options that could help address pain.   Animals communicate differently than humans, how do you know if your pet is in pain? One, you might find them not as active when compared to their normal behavior.  Animals may retreat or stay closer to their families when experiencing pain.  Watch for excessive licking, this may be a sign too.  Certainly, any pet vocalizations that seem odd should be investigated. You can read more signs that your pet is in pain from Johnson Animal Clinic.

How CBD Could Help

CBD could be a natural option when helping a pet with pain.  Dogs and cats have endocannabinoid systems (ECS) like their human families.  CBD can work with your pet’s ECS to lower or stop pain signals. Plus, CBD could help lower inflammation.  Dogs, cat, mice, and smaller pets can take our pet CBD oil.  You can put it on their food or in a treat.  Dosage does depend on the size of your pet.  502 Hemp helps with a dosage card and knowledgeable staff. Flavors are only for humans and pets need a natural flavor CBD oil.

Outer pain, such as joints or rashes, could benefit from our pet CBD balm.   CBD oil can help your pet from the inside out, pet CBD balm works from the outside in.  Pet CBD balm is a CBD topical that can be applied as often as needed.  It’s specially created to be safe for pets.

Help other pet owners in national pet pain awareness month.  Share your stories, pictures, and this article.  502 Hemp is here for the whole family.  Our full line of pet CBD products are created with natural ingredients and have a certificate of analysis available for your peace of mind.