Fireworks are an exciting time for many. However, for some pets, fireworks can trigger a variety of responses that are concerning to their loved ones.  We can help our pets during fireworks and other triggering moments.

How Can I Calm My Dog Down For Fireworks?

  • Keep pets a safe distance from firework areas
    • We may want to keep our fur babies close; however, please keep anxious pets away from firework areas.
  • Meaningful and wanted touch
    • When pets want to be touched, a meaningful pet or hug could be the comfort they need.
  • Pet compression shirts
    • Some pets benefit from light compression.  This sensory input has shown to help many pets.  Pet compression t-shirts are available at a variety of pet stores.
  • Soothing music
    • Based on a pet study, soft rock or reggae are the most soothing sounds for dogs (possibly all pets).  Playing either of these genres may help keep your pet calm.
  • 502 Hemp Pet CBD products
    • Pet CBD products may work with your pet’s endocannabinoid system which might promote a naturally relaxed state.

502 Hemp Pet CBD Products

502 Hemp Pet products may address a variety of pet health and wellness problems.  502 Hemp Pet CBD oil and 502 Hemp CBD dog treats may help with seizures, joint pain, skin issues, and more.  502 Hemp Pet CBD balm could help with skin issues, anxious biting, hot spots etc.  Questions? Call one of our locations or email [email protected]