CBD may be a natural wellness solution for anyone in the family.  Here are 5 simple ways 502 Hemp is here for the whole family.

5 Ways We are a Family Friendly CBD company

  1. Quality and natural ingredients for parents, kids, and pets.  Plus we have a Ph.D. chemist on site and our products undergo third-party testing.  The results of third-party testing are available on product pages under Certificate of Analysis. Natural ingredients are not luxury, it is about safety and true quality.  Watch out for toxic FDA-approved additives in your CBD products.
  2. Clean stores and clean shipping.  Our 502 Hemp locations and shipping center are clean and sanitized.
  3. Bright and fun.  Our 502 Hemp locations have simple colors for a fun experience that adults and children can enjoy.
  4. Knowledgeable staff.  502 Hemp staff and our CBD education center are always in “CBD school.”  We are life long learners! 502 Hemp consults with any wellness concern human or pet.
  5. Family-friendly CBD message.  Our wellness centers have a clean logo and style that invites families to our CBD boutiques and online boutique.  We want our customers of any age to feel comfortable with our decor and message.

As a family friend CBD boutique, 502 Hemp offers trusted CBD products you need with wellness classes and events for the whole family.  Visit our online CBD boutique or at one of our locations. Children can be given CBD and our CBD education article addresses what you need to know.  Also, furbaby parents need not worry, 502 Hemp carries pet CBD products and answers your “is it safe” question.  We welcome families of all types and 502 Hemp is now a registered Autism-friendly business.  We can’t wait to meet you and your family at 502 Hemp.