Hemp products with less than 0.03% are federally legal.  However, this does not mean that CBD is legal within your state.  CBD in Idaho had challenges with regulations including its legality within the state.  Federal laws, word of mouth, plus other forms of information can confuse a CBD consumer.  As a consumer, it is your responsibility to know state laws for where you live and when you travel.   CBD by state can help make state regulations concerning hemp clear.

CBD in Idaho

Little is known concerning the history of hemp before the last few decades in Idaho.  Hemp was illegal throughout the entire country under federal standards with the 1970 control substance act.  As states began to decriminalize marijuana and pilot industrial hemp research, Idaho remained firm in final votes on hemp laws- it was to remain illegal. In 2020, a law was passed in March to legalize CBD products with no THC in it.  Any CBD product with THC that does not meet the medical state law requirements is classified as an illegal drug.

CBD Regulations

Hemp products with absolutely no THC in it are allowed to be sold and possessed by the general public within the state of Idaho.  This can change according to the individual county in Idaho.  Additionally, the hemp-derived products must come from particular parts of the hemp plant.  Any CBD or hemp products with delta 9 or delta 8 THC are illegal, this means delta 8 products.  Certain hemp-derived medications and CBD with a low amount of THC may be prescribed for medical reasons.  The Idaho Office of Drug Policy clearly states their definition of CBD and details fact sheets on the state’s regulations.

CBD in Idaho is required to be THC free.  502 Hemp carries THC free products and CBD isolate (THC free).  To ensure your peace of mind and set industry standards, our products are third party tested.  These reports let you know what is in and what is not in a CBD product.  You can purchases and product and reference our Certificate of Analysis to know how much THC is in it, or that there isn’t any THC at all. Learn more about 502 Hemp CBD products.