502 Hemp CBD Topicals

  • CBD balm
  • Pet CBD balm
  • CBD lotion
  • CBD bath bombs
  • Hemp bath salts
  • CBD soap
  • Hemp lip balm
  • CBD essential roll-on
  • CBD roll-on gel
  • CBD shampoo and conditioner

How to Use

How you use CBD topicals depends on the type of product.

  • CBD balms, Pet CBD balm, CBD lotions, CBD creams, CBD lotion sticks
    • 502 Hemp CBD topicals are designed to be nongreasy and easy to apply.  Being quality products, a little bit goes a long way.  You should not need a lot of product to cover the area needing CBD topicals. “Apply liberally” does not apply here. Regular strength CBD balms are great for everyday use.  Pain or stronger needs may require using clinical strength CBD balm.
    • It takes approximately fifteen to twenty minutes for these CBD products to work.
    • They are created to work where you apply them.
    • You can apply as often as needed.
  • CBD bath bombs and Hemp salts
    • these CBD topicals are created for baths or when you are submerged in water.  Foot baths are great too.
    • CBD bath bombs do contain CBD isolate or full-spectrum CBD to that may help with pain or soreness.
    • Hemp bath salts do not contain CBD but promote relaxation and skin moisturization.
  • CBD essential oil roll-ons and CBD roll-on gel use essential oils and CBD to promote wellness.  Both work where you apply them.
  • Hemp lip balms work like typical lip balms but with natural ingredients.
  • CBD shampoo and conditioner come with instructions but you can expect to use as other shampoos or conditioners.  Since CBD could help with hair growth and protecting hair follicles, you might need to use less depending on your hair type and results.

Who Could Benefit

Anyone may benefit from using 502 Hemp CBD topicals! CBD topicals could help those with pain in joints, headaches, soreness, and nerve pain.  Dry skin or oily skin? CBD balms may help regulate your skin’s oil production to create more or less.  The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties in CBD balm may help those with acne and rashes.

For those just needing that me-time upgrade- CBD bath bombs and hemp salts are for you.  No matter how you exercise or move, CBD topicals may help you recover better and faster.  They may help relieve tight or sore muscles.  Your pet could benefit from pet CBD balm for hot spots and pain.No guesses. You can trust our quality with our transparent process in creating our products.  Our products are made with locally sourced Kentucky hemp with clean supercritical CO2 extraction and all-natural ingredients.  Use 502 Hemp CBD topicals with confidence and get your maximum possible benefit.