Who doesn’t love to spoil their fur baby? Much of our 502 Hemp family does.  At 502 Hemp, we have addressed if CBD oil is safe for pets but what about CBD treats for dogs?

Are CBD treats good for dogs?

Logically if our pet CBD is good for pets then so would the treats.  Yes and no.  With our Kentucky proud pet CBD oil, our 502 Hemp pet CBD is made with natural ingredients which could be a  “yes!” for pets.  Another yes for you, is no cooking, crafting- “it’s done” natural CBD pet treats.  502 Hemp pet CBD treats are for all sizes! “Yes” again!

The “no” for our pet treats may be due to certain natural ingredients and dog food allergies.  We do know this can be an issue from time to time.  Please check out our ingredients list. Our Pet CBD can be baked into homemade treats or added to a favorite treat.

Yes! CBD treats may be good for dogs. A great way to get their CBD dose or a CBD boost when needed. 502 Hemp has Pet CBD treats in stock.