So you are a marijuana user? Did you know that the Cannabis Sativa is the plant associated with marijuana? It is also the same plant that CBD oil is made from.

How is that so you ask?

Cannabis plants have been crossbred for years to produce what is now a ton of different varieties or strains. Each new strain has its own characteristics and cannabinoid profiles.  The cannabis plant has approximately 113 different cannabinoids and CBD (Cannabidiol) is just one of them. This is the cannabinoid now known for its healing and medicinal properties. The cannabinoid THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the one that produces a high effect when used. However, a lot of cannabis plant varieties have been bred to be high THC and low CBD. So when a marijuana user partakes, they may not getting enough CBD to experience a therapeutic or medicinal effect.

Industrial hemp is bred to be high CBD and low THC and is used in all of 502 Hemp’s CBD oils. None of our products will produce a high feeling. All products are federally compliant and below 0.3% in THC, however, they are extremely high in CBD. Our highest full spectrum oil (containing all the cannabinoids) is our 3000mg bottle. For each milliliter, there is 100mgs of CBD per serving.

Why should marijuana users still use CBD oil products?

Marijuana users may not be getting enough CBD while they are partaking in either medicinal or recreational marijuana use.

So marijuana users, make sure you add quality CBD oil into your diet so you can possibly reap the benefits of CBD. 502 Hemp Wellness Center has numerous CBD products and we are here to answer any questions you may have. For further information on how CBD may benefit you, check out this blog post. For more facts about CBD, check this blog out. We are here to keep you informed. Stop in our Louisville, La Grange, Simpsonville, or our Outer Loop locations for your quality CBD products today.